Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blissfull Thinking

Opening your 10 years old boxes that’s been hidden way too deep in your closet will always makes you smile. The same thing happens every time I opened my iTunes. I don’t know why but I always feel overwhelmed that I need to cry it out loud. This urges that came from my deepest heart. My very first love, my very first friends, those laughter, those capturing moments, those melodies that keeping me alive. Ooh all of those memories. Where’d it all go?

Running your old memories song feels like going on a field trip in your own video clip. Pieces through pieces, you will try stitch it out to make a very beautiful drama of your childhood stories.

And oh yes, this is my perfect moment. As I just accidentally played one of my precious hits, I found the real me coming back out of the black. And all of those pressures and tensions that I’ve been having for the past few days… will fade away just like that.

Yeah, a burst of bliss is what I sense right now. Just like what I’ve always had in about 10 years ago. No worries and no boundaries. No back stabbing and not even an overdosed whining. Hmmmphf… I don’t know why, but those last ones always slammed me back to the ground.

Oh well, don’t let that thing ruin my precious moment. I will just take a deep breath, close my eyes and pretend that I’m in my secret little heaven. Let me play in my own dream and let the reality slaps me back tomorrow. Tonight I just wanna have my own reunion and go finding my own nirvana

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