Monday, May 24, 2010

Usefull Words In Daily Life For Muslim

Assalaamu √Ālaykum (Peace be upon you) - by way of greetings

Wa alaykumus salaam (peace be upon you) - in reply to the greetings

Bismillah (in the name of Allah) - before making a beginning

Jazakallah (may Allah reward you) - for expression of thanks

Fi Amanullah (may Allah protect you) - by way of saying good-bye

Subhaanallah (glory be to Allah) - for praising something

Insha Allah (if Allah wishes) - for expressing a desire to do something

Astaghfirullah (I beg Allah for forgiveness) - repenting for sins before Allah

Maa shaa Allah (as Allah has willed) - for expressing appreciation of something good

Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah) - for showing gratitude to Allah after success or even after completing anything

Yaa Allah (Oh Allah) - when in pain or distress, calling upon Allah and none else

Aameen (may it be so) - the end of a Dua or prayer
Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji'oon (to Allah we belong and to Him is our return) - this is uttered as an expression of sympathy of the news of some loss or some one's death

As salamu aleiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh -Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you

Waleiykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh-And peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you

Bismillah - before making a beginning In the name of Allah

May Allah reward you - JazakAllahu khair for _expression of thanks May Allah reward you for the good

BarakAllahu feekum - responding to someone's thanks May Allah bless you

Astaghfirullah - repenting for sins before Allah I beg Allah for forgiveness

Aameen - the end of a Dua or prayer May it be so

Sal allahu aleihi wasallam - whenever say the name of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him (S.A.W.)

Alaihi salaam - whenever say the name of a prophet Peace be upon him (A.S.)

Radi Allah Anhu - whenever say name of male companion of the Prophet (Sahabi) May Allah be pleased with him (R.A.)

Radi Allah Anha - whenever say name of female companion of the Prophet May Allah be pleased with her (R.A.)

Radi Allah Anhum - Plural form of saying companions of the Prophet May Allah be pleased with them (R.A.)

La hawla wala quwata illah billah - during the time of troubles There is no strength nor power except Allah

Fi sabi lillah - giving charity For the sake of Allah

"Tawakkal-tu-Allah - rely on Allah) to solve a problem

Tawkkalna-Alai-Allah - we have put our trust in Allah) when you wait for a problem to be solved.

Rahmah Allah - Allah have Mercy on him) when you see someone in distress.

Na'uzhu-bi-Allah - when we seek refuge in Allah) to show your dislike.

Inna Lillah - we are for Allah - when you hear about a death

Atqaa Allah -fear Allah - when you see someone doing a bad deed.

Allahu Yahdika - may Allah guide you - to forbid somebody to do something indecent.

Hayyak Allah - (Allah maintain your life) when you greet someone.

Allah Aalam - (Allah knows best) when you say something you are not sure of.

Tabarak Allah - (blessed be Allah) when you hear a good news

Hasbi Allah - (Allah will suffice me) when you are in a difficult situation.

Azhak Allah Sinnaka - (May Allah keep you cheerful) when you seek another Muslim with cheerful countenance.


  1. assalamualaikum, maaf ada sedikit kekeliruan. apa beza jazakAllahu khairan dan barakAllahu feekum? dan bila waktu penggunaannya?

  2. Waalaykumusalaam , tidak ada kekeliruan the different is when you wanna thaks to someone muslim you say JazakAllahu khairan, and someone replied your thanks with Barakallahu Fikum,